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Once upon a time, the soul-braided moon shattered

Leaving Lucerna in darkness, oblivious and cratered

A young girl, Constance, sought to find her father, Magnus

And restore light to the night sky in its vastness.

Bound with Punica, a lunatic strawberry soul

Who longed to return to the moon, whole

Hand in hand they journeyed, through the night

Fated to revive the moon's shining light


Map of Lucerna

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Father's Lamp Shoppe

The thin needle flickers as it threads

Back and forth, here and there.

Little pockets of light, like stars in the sky

When papa's out there, the lights warm me here.

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Claramellia Library

That flicker I felt ignite inside her

That instant vision I had of her gleaming like the Sun

Awoke a memory of what I wanted to be.



I would wonder where dreams soar

When weaving shades sailed to languor.

Anchored up above in jewels of silence

Cracking, each instance you whispered,

"The moon was alive within sparkling sky

As I'd fall asleep by your side."

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Glisterharp Gate


A remnant of papa's fate

Long ago was his Glisterharp Gate

The January days his glassy eyes would contemplate

On this night by still waters I could

Feel in that dark dreaminess

Above refined ripples a sceptre of oakwood

From his brother's scatheless berth

And mighty wine's clement hearth

Through the moon-misted gate, I have strength




Dear Papa, I'll never again know

Never again see,

White was the twilight glow

Red were the trees,

Now all these flowers wilt for you,

These towers crumble for you,

Dear Papa, dear Papa mine,

Where could you be?

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Scarlet Field Tree


Oh, what if my Papa the flame has taken?

The sun veils its mane 'neath the maria, the peaks

Awaken, awaken, my Papa, awaken!

And call for me out of my cleft scarlet tree!




No longer did papa walk esteemed

From Lucerna once he fancied a bright,

Clerics who looked at the flame

Behind mantles of pride and fright,

Disgraced his mellow frail soul

Sunken into crooked eclipse that night

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All I Have Now


I saw her heart like a gleaming fort

Shaped from a deeply scratched and scraped crystal

Guarding my own vulnerable soul

Sometimes I wished

I could live another life on a another planet

But her heart is all I have now.

Firefly Forest


The spinous woods, to where I resigned

Where silent souls, of lunatics gone blind

Were left behind, under starry eyes



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"In an often unforgiving reality, we weave our dreams,

Defying the unrelenting darkness, we shine our beams.

Such an ordinary yet graceful fortitude, believe me:

That's confidence for you, my dear Connie."




Bonus animation

How the strawberry soul, Punica, came to be.

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