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The Scarlet Field Tree Dawn Light
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Untitled_Artwork 89 (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

The Scarlet Field Tree

"Oh what if my papa the flame has taken?

The sun veils its mane 'neath the maria, the peaks

Awaken, awaken, my papa, awaken!

And call for me out of my cleft scarlet tree!"


1 thumbs.png

1 | Thumbnail Sketch

A quick and dirty thumbnail sketch. I mainly want to just visualize the landscape shapes, character poses, and overall flow of the composition. 

2 | Value Sketch

Mapping out the feel of the lighting and atmospheric layering below the thumbnail sketch.

I wanted to make sure that Connie and her father would pop out the most in contrast.

3a gradient map sketch.jpeg
2 value sketch.png
3 gradient map sketch.png

3 | Early Gradient Map

Various gradient maps applied to the value sketch.

This helps with thinking of some colour combinations I would have never come up with alone, or just quickly previewing a color tone and mood.

I chose the fourth variation to proceed with.

4 | Color Overlay

An overlay layer is placed above the gradient map draft. I would splash some colors to tone the tree, flowers, greenery, etc. This helps eliminate some guesswork for the general colors.

Untitled_Artwork 16.jpg

The overlay layer

4 overlay colours.png

5 | Details

Went back to the value pass and refined much of the details, adding fidelity to shapes, adjusting some tones, etc.

5 refining bw.png

6 | Coloring

Applied colors to the detailed value pass. I separated the foreground from the background, and other layered elements from each other to apply slightly adjusted gradient maps from the early gradient map test. A few extra layers are added for more refining and detailing work.


7 | Gradient Map Toning

Subtle gradient maps with low opacity applied to simulate LUTs.

The final version would incorporate a bit of each version via masks.

6 gradient map adjustments.jpeg


Minor changes are made, such as adjusted values, birds, making Constance smaller, etc. Thanks for following along!

Untitled_Artwork 136.png
Untitled_Artwork 89 (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
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